We are an original equipment manufacturer and can hydrostatic test your equipment when requested.

We also provide minor field service calls such as repairs on testers not functioning correctly for example burner valve and dehy pump rebuilds.

We can refurbish your production equipment, assist in the design of your production needs. 


HI-TECH is a orignal equipment manufacturer.

We are a code an non-code facutily. Having over 80 years combined work experience in fabricating oil and gas process equipment.

We, can provide drawings of equipment in order for our clients to better understand the internals of the processing equipment.

We also can make arrangements for our consultant to visit with you about your oil and gas processing needs.

HI-TECH provides sandblasting, painting, and internal coating. Such as Nova Plate UHS, Coal Tar Epoxy, CorChem and Phenicon Flake filled. 

Call Gabriel at 432-638-4150 for your coating needs.We can perform your coating needs on location.

Allow us to assit you in  delivering your equipment to your lease location. We can make the arragements for you upon request.

Please, let us know when, where, and who the main contact will be at location.

We can provide parts an service for your current oil and gas equipment. Such as gaskets, filters, pumps, and more.

Give us a call.