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We would be honored to assist you with your production and processing equipment needs. Here are a couple quick tips, that will help us provide you with faster response. When requesting a quote for your equipment needs. Please, mention if you are interested in new or used equipment.

 A time line of when you are needing the quote or equipment. If you would like the equipment fabricated to code or non-code specs. What would be the best way to contact you?

  By helping us with these quick questions, we can provide you with a proper quote in a reasonable amount of time.


               Please call us ahead prior to your visit, so we can know                            when to expect your arrival.

 We are your "West Texas Oil & Gas Equipment Provider".


  President / Consultant: Mark Vicars


  Accounts Receivable:Brandy Vicars



    Book Keeper: Geneva Pearce



Quality Control / Draftsman: Daniel Vicars 



Sales / Safety Manager: Gabriel Garcia 


             Purchasing / Inventory Manager: Juan Mendoza



 Production Supervisor: Cecil Wood




         Our hours of operation in the office are Monday

            Thur Friday 8:00- to 5:00.